Mercedes-Benz (LumoGraphics). The three pictures appear in the following order. From top to bottom, the first picture is called “Canyon Street”. It is followed by “Split Harbor” and “Split Marble street”. As a part of automotive visualization, the pictures were created to depict a bus staged in various locations or scenery. I was responsible for Background retouch, editing HDRIs, Materials, scenes setup and finally Post. While working on this project, I also learned about the workflow surrounding the use of HDRI and in addition, it gave me the opportunity to develop better Compositing skills. Early in the production, I was able to push through the idea of breaking the final render into as many passes as possible. As a result, the post production process was made more effective and the project was completed in a timely manner. All additional scene lighting by Rolf Rehak. Software used, Max, VRay, Spheron software, Photoshop.
Mercedes-Benz (LumoGraphics). Responsible for modeling most of the exterior and parts of the interior. A clean model and an organized file structure was maintained to suit the production. I modeled the Buses based on CAD data when available, otherwise Blueprints and photo references. I also took the opportunity to create Materials and Textures which where then used for the interior as well as the exterior of the Bus. Lighting, Rendering and Post. For the following two examples No HDRI where used for either lighting or reflections.